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Our Mission

Our mission here at MoPro Training Grounds is to create a fun and exciting movement environment and to motivate our community to exercise and engage in a healthy lifestyle!

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a community that not only values a healthy lifestyle, but also does so in a fun and fulfilling way with a variety of exciting exercises including ninja warrior!

Meet the MoPro Team!


James Stewart


James is from Houston, Texas. He has been in athletics for over 25 years. James competed on Season 7 of American Ninja Warrior and has competed in numerous competitions over the years. James has been a coach for 20 years and has coached American Ninja Warrior for 10 years. His passion is to serve as a positive role model for kids by sharing his love for the sports that have shaped his life. 


Zac Aron

Ninja Lab Gym Manager

Zac is from Dallas, Texas! He has been involved with Ninja Warrior since 2016 where he trained/worked at Obstacle Warriors! Zac has been at the MoPro Training Grounds Ninja Lab virtually since we opened! Along with Ninja, Zac is an avid disc golfer and also travels to compete in different video games! His favorite video game to compete in is Super Smash Bros. One of his defining traits is his enormous hair which hasn't been cut since 2018!  



Kurtis Boucher

Ninja Lab Competition Team Coach

Kurtis is from Jefferson City, Missouri. He is a graduate from Truman State University with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science! He is a NASM certified personal trainer! Kurtis has been competing in Ninja Warrior competitions since he was 16 and is thrilled to pass on his knowledge to the next generations! While he has not been accepted onto the TV show yet, he says he is determined to keep applying every year until he makes it! He also coaches all of our Adult Fitness Classes!


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